The German Academy (GermAc) is considered the first virtual and consolidated project in the Middle East, aiming to provide distinguished medical and training services directly from Germany, whether to doctors and trainees or medical and educational centers via virtual reality, from a group of the most skilled doctors and academics who are working as consultants and heads of departments, to professors in the best German universities and hospitals.

The GermAc Academy also provides distinguished medical and training services through short medical and training visits in which German doctors and academics go to hospitals and medical centers in the Gulf to provide consultations, perform surgical operations, apply the latest treatment methods to patients, and provide training courses in various general and precise specializations, in addition to continuing medical training courses for doctors in the latest findings in medicine and medical technology.

Our Vision:

This type of strategic partnership, which will be for the first time within the virtual space between the medical centers in the Gulf countries and medical committees and centers in Germany, is considered a pioneering step for us in developing this type of partnership, which will contribute to improving the health situation in the region through the exchange of medical expertise and consultations in a comprehensive manner. Continuously and easily setting diagnostic and treatment protocols for patients and reducing travel burdens and costs, with the aim of treating patients to a minimum and limiting it to limited cases and after mutual consultations.

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