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Medical Tourism Program

The German Academy (GermAc) adopts a new strategy in the field of medical tourism that aims to reduce the financial burdens and efforts required for medical travel for patients whenever possible. This strategy is based on the following:

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Communication between the patient or the medical centers responsible for the patient with consultants and experts in Germany directly through virtual reality or through visits made by doctors to the Gulf region.


Consultant doctors in Germany review the complete medical reports and may request additional tests if necessary.


After reviewing the reports on the patient's condition in detail, the consultant doctors study the procedure of treatment and surgical operations within the medical centers and hospitals contracted with GermAc in the Gulf region during the visits made by medical committees to these centers according to the agreed upon dates.


If the patient's condition requires traveling to Germany due to the lack of the required equipment or techniques, the consulting physician informs the patients or the medical center about this decision and works to determine the dates of treatment, surgical operations and the schedule for that in Germany.


GermAc team sends the medical reports issued by the consultants, which specify the need for medical travel, to the German embassies to issue medical visas when needed.


The German Academy (GermAc) team helps patients and their families in providing other services for accommodation in Germany, such as hotel reservations, providing translators, companions and other services based on the patient's needs and requirements.