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Why Choose Our Team ?

GermAc seeks to cooperate with the humanitarian team of the International German Academy of Medicine and Research (IGAMR), which in turn seeks, through a large number of doctors, donors and teams working with it, to provide humanitarian services that include sponsoring orphans, treating patients with medications, and performing surgical operations within a new mechanism that does not include the presence of intermediaries, but rather provide aid and assistance from the donor to the beneficiaries immediately.


IGAMR facilitates donors access to beneficiaries.


Present cases that need assistance to its donors so that they can be contacted directly.


IGAMR does not receive any money.

Guarantee Mechanism:

Our teams work in afflicted and poor areas, performing their humanitarian duty, and the work mechanism depends on the following:


Collecting data on orphans and patients and ensuring their status through visits by our team to eligible cases where they are located and photocopying documents that prove the actual need of those who deserve eligible for assistance.


We present reliable cases with documents to sponsors located in Germany and abroad in general.


If the sponsor chooses to help a specific case, we contact the sponsor and determine his identity if he is not known to us before.


We connect the donor to the recipient directly under our supervision.


The sponsor transfers the aid to the recipient directly and without intermediaries, and communicates with him throughout the period of sponsorship or treatment.